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As we were give the question "How might you incorporate video games in general into the regular curriculum?" , this essay will handle some ideas

Videogames in teaching and education - how could it be reasonable, when kids and students play and tap they mobile phones and tablets all the time that it is irritating. parents and teachers say that they should close up all equipments. Mark Prensky started to think other way and talk about diginatives.
He meant children and young who are born to use information and communication technology. they learn new things by and have new ways to think when they use this technology. This must be seen in schools today when we start to implement curriculum.

I have used many applications on my mathematic classes to get practice and motivation to addition and division. When we have started coding we used the fine material of CODE HOUR, where students can even make their own games. Still using a real video game like Minecraft is a different thing.

Our course is about Minecraft so I started to think good ways to include it to my teaching.
As I teach mathematics,  I could use Minecraft to handle geometry and improve spatial skills.
First exercise would be to build a little house. In Minecraft it is possible to look the things you have built from different directions. Students are able to study different shapes and figure out how to make them in Minecraft world.We could build different buildings from different countries and discuss where in Minecraft world it is possible to create them.

The three points in incorporating Minecraft in my teaching would be these:

1) What is the real value of the project, that means what do children discover and learn when they build the world in view of the curriculum.

2) Is the game really motivation improving, do they engage to what they are doing.

3) Is it possible to learn teamwork skills or do they still work alone?

Now when I have seen how Minecraft EDU works, I consider it a good tool to learn both teamwork and doing tasks alone. It gives teacher unlimited possibilities to build a guided learning environment almost in any school subject and combinate these subjects as our new curriculum wants us to do.

As it was mentioned in our course material, it is important to see how Minecraft is brought to the classroom environment. Experience will show if it is better to play and build with table computers or can students work smooth and flexible with tablets or mobile phones. Using blocks and building may be easier on a bigger  display. In the other hand, students may like to join the game with their own equipment and run there all around doing tasks.

Sure there is a need of good rules to handle the bunch of eager pupils. That is one way to implement the value of respecting other people and respect everybody's work. Witch is clearly mentioned in our curriculum, both in old one and coming plan for 2016. And: at school the game is not the same as at home or in free gameplay.

Because I haven't played very much the game and have used it quite a little, it is impossible to discover all the possibilities of Minecraft or any educational game. Using a game like this must be brought to education with clear targets of learning contents and outcomes, with clear plan how it is used in the classroom and with plan of the assessments to reflect the work that is done in the project.

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