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In this essay the outcome is to identify and describe the differences between the different versions of Minecraft. Versions for consideration are Minecraft, MinecraftEDU, Minecraft Pi, Minecraft PE, Minecraft Xbox 360. So there are versions for computers and console versions and for hand held equipment.

The first Minecraft version was Minecraft PC that was released 2011. This version is available for PC and Mac and can be loaded for computers using different operational system like Windows, OS X and Linux. Unlike the first versions, new releases are not free and you must buy the game. Minecraft PC is the full version, where you can use all materials and blocks and gives the full possibility to use a server in multiplaying game. You control your character with mouse or keyboard.

Minecraft is a so called sandbox game, where you can go in an open world. The player can quite freely decide what to do and create in this world.

If we think about the modes you play Minecraft, iin PC version you can play in creative mode, survival mode, adventure mode or spectator mode. Creative means you have access to build and add different things to your world. It is possible to make a multiplayer game.

Minecraft EDU is a version that is created specially for educational purposes. Teachers can make a world or use pre-created worlds and add questions and tasks for pupils.  It is possible to make limitations for users so, that it is a learning environment. As the web page info says, this version is made from teachers to teachers. The teacher can host the gameplay so that pupils are allowed to do the tasks that are linked to the curriculum.there's a whole library of lessons you can use on your classes.

(source: MinecratEDU web page)

Before you can use MinecraftEDU you must purchase necessary server and user licences for pupils.
You must install the server and launch it start. Installer can be found on software webpage.
You must also have MinecraftEDU Client on the local computer. That makes possible to sign in the game, set custom settings e. g. From the client the player chooses to connect to the server or play single player mode.

In MinecraftEDU serverend you can control the world and commands.and saving the games You add and delete students using the game from client end. On client end it's possible to limit user options and RAM used, for example. Teacher can limit mods and tool students use.

Minecrat PE version means it is for handheld equipments, tablets and mobile phones, where operational system is different from table computers. It may be loaded as free version or another you must purchase.

MinecraftPE differs from PC version if we compare graphics and blocks the player can use.

MinecraftPE version, for example Minecraft Lite. is much limited than the real PC game. For example there only 18 blocks of normal 36. Still, it's possible to play creation mode, survival mode and  have a multiplayer game when iPads are on the same wi-fi net. In tablet version you control your character with on-screen joystick.

Minecraft Pi is created for Raspberry Pi mini computer. It works on operation system Raspian that is especially created of small Raspberry Pi. this version is very much like Minecraft pocket edition. the only game mode available is the creative mode. Some blocks and tools are only for this pocket version, like stonecutter. The player can sneak but not sprint.

In general, the differences between all these versions come from the operation system the player has, the server system that links to the gameplay and the portability of the equipment she/he is using the game with. Educational use must let the user to control and to be controlled in an other way than in free playing. In multiuser gameplay the versions differ in mode you can use and the number of users in the same LAN.

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